Which Age Of Women Enjoy Sex Much More

Are you in the final stretch of 30? Quiet, the base 4 comes with a big plus, it is that according to many scientific studies woman reaches that age sexual fulfillment and is able to achieve greater erotic enjoyment .

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According to the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex , women in their 40s reach the most erotic enjoyment and are willing to experience new things in sex without being ashamed of her body.

Women age of 40 enjoy sex more than others

Other research conducted by the Center for Studies on Aging at Duke University, notes that female orgasms improve after 40. After multiple interviews, the researchers concluded that women are able to enjoy more of their sexuality even after menopause .

The study of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex says women 40 put aside their prejudices and inhibitions and know much more your body . In other words, they reach a stage where they both know what they want in life and in bed.

Duke University supports this idea by ensuring that women have more experience when they reach age 40 , have more time to improve their fitness and know take care of a pregnancy or are no longer afraid, so you can enjoy sex without ties or complex.

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