“White Girl” – A Controversial Film Trailer On Youth, Sex And Drugs

Finally came the trailer of the film written and directed by Elizabeth Wood . She titled ‘ White girl ‘ scandalizes got a few during its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, but despite this criticism he got were quite positive. Defined as scandalous as has been done on youth from ‘ Kids ‘ (1995) by Larry Clark, the film is starring Morgan Saylor (the little Dana ‘series Homeland ‘ has made us more …)

White Girl Sex Drugs
The argument puts us in the summer in New York. Leah is a young university platinum blond hair seeks pleasure in all its forms , especially sex, cocaine and music. He is a rebel and troublemaker, a handsome boys distributing drugs. After a night of wild partying she makes a mistake, something goes wrong and the boy is arrested. Then she decides she decides to get him back somehow.

“White Girl” Trailer – About Teen, Sex and Drug

In the rest of the cast includes other actors like Brian Marc -‘Luke Cage’-, Chris Noth -‘Elsa & Fred ‘(2014) – Justin Bartha -‘ Hangover ‘(‘ The Hangover ‘, 2009) – , India Menuez , Annabelle Dexter-Jones and Adrian Martinez , among others. ‘White Girl’ is the first feature of Wood as a director, although it may soon have one second, then remember that is one of the candidates to direct ‘ Captain Marvel ‘ ( ‘Captain Marvel’)

Nothing like a tape with the other right? Is expected to ‘White girl’ comes to US theaters next September. In Spain we have to wait a little longer to know when we can see it, but judging by the trailer and the poster has a pint, at least, interesting . Do you guys do you think?

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