Best Sex On The Wedding Night – Myth Or Reality?

No one is lying, this is what they reveal two reliable surveys, nobody wants to sleep with her other half after the party.

Sex On Wedding Night

The wedding night is a special event, sex is for many people the most anticipated moment of the relationship, especially for those who have waited all dating to consummate their love , but is it really so special and magical? No, sorry to disappoint you , but no.

According to information from Men ‘s Health to, most couples don’t have sex on that special night as supposedly as revealed Blue bella lingerie brand.

Most couples don’t having sex on that special night

The survey of more than 1,000 couples, reports that 52% of those studied did not have sex on the night of the wedding feast, but why?

The women said that fatigue and nervousness of the day did not allow them to have sex, they would wait for the honeymoon, some more said they were very drunk WTF! And others that this was not the right time.

If those answers surprised you wait to read them, the men responded that the party was very good and wanted to follow it with their friends and others simply were very drunk as to have sex.

Things are not as bad as you think, at least after one-third of the couples surveyed say YES had sex the next morning, only one in 10 had it until 48 hours later. And, well, 84% said that when they finally had sex was worth the wait.

The results are very similar to those of the house of invitations Jezebel , where 1,000 couples say, 25% did not have sex; in most cases because the groom was very drunk, 16% of brides very tired and 9% that it was fought before the end of the party.

According to Belelu, Marie Fischer, an expert on these issues says that sex wedding night is actually a cliché, because everyone expects you to have relationships that day, it becomes mandatory and a dull moment.

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