Katie Price Puts Hand On Her Bare Boobs (Video)

The British Breast bomb sends us via Instagram Federation Greetings from the hot tub. When covering her breasts she must grab pretty!

katie price bare boobs hot tub

Since she left the world of modeling, Katie Price is trying to brand themselves as a business woman and television personality.

However, British starlet, which in the past loved to show off your curves, decided to refresh her fans so instagram published a short video in which topless jumping and screaming in the hot tub.

The naked days of Katie Price (38) are over – at least we thought the …

Until this former Boxenluder and erotic model this week delighted with a video of a bubble bath – stark naked!

Nude to keep the boobs in the camera, Katies thing nowadays but no more. While they often noticed in the past by a pubic limit below zero, they are meanwhile much more discreet.

In bubbling hot tub she lays there prefer protecting their hands on the breasts and has despite shrunken Cup size quite grab.

However, not everyone was thrilled with what they saw. Video, in fact, shared fans and so were those who had received countless compliments, but also others who have ordered her to the Private moments keep for themselves and that is too eager attention.