Kate Moss bares Cleavage at the summer party Victoria & Albert Museum

Kate Moss string of events with class …

This Wednesday, June 22, 2016, supermodel 42-year-old has made a very noticeable arrival to celebrate summer at the summer party Victoria & Albert Museum !

In the gardens John Madjeski dressed twig of a long transparent floral fuchsia dress letting appear a leopard bra, was in the theme!

Sexy and hot as the season … The woman who found love with Nikolai von Bismarck even draws a neckline more forms than usual!

Kate Moss VA Kate Moss cleavage

Besides, her lover was present at the party but she has preferred to let her beautiful face only ask photographers.

From a distance, we see Kate scrutinize (12th second), dressed in a navy blue suit with tie and placed sunglasses on his nose, the young man was to die (again).

A few hours after this crazy summer evening the couple arrived in Paris for Louis Vuitton scrolls.

Difficult to follow the queen of the catwalk and the night … Her new young lover she held the shock?

Meanwhile quickly discover in our video: ” Kate Moss: Attention, it pulls the neckline to the summer party Victoria & Albert Museum! ” and react!

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