Vanessa Chettle Reveals About Sleep Naked With Singer Noti Flow

After sharing a photo of her and singer Noti Flow naked in bed, showbiz kitten Vanessa Chettle has now gone mute concerning the purported relationship in between two.

Vanessa Chettle singer Noti Flow nude

Singer Noti Flow and Vanessa sleep naked together

“Yes, that’s us. We were at my location and that’s exactly where we took the photograph,” stated Vanessa, referring towards the eye popping suggestive photograph with Noti Movement who recently confessed to Pulse that she enjoys women.

On the publish copied to Singer Noti Flow, Vanessa wrote: “We woke up like this,” poking curiosity as to why the two sassy women were displaying their nakedness getting cozy.

“We are working on some thing together. But we are not inside a partnership,” she added. Need we say much more.

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