Ciara nude in “Dance Like We’re Making Love” video

Singer, Ciara, was seen flaunting some of her best moves provocatively in high heels and uncovering outfits in “Move Like We’re Making Love” video. In this video she flaunts underboob and wet nipple.
Ciara nude music video
The singer displayed her conditioned body in diverse sexy outfits for the video.

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She was seen romancing a male visitor in an enormous manor sitting above Los Angeles, overwhelming every room with sexual vitality.

The entire piece was wrapped up with a fix of Ciara strolling down a passage made a beeline for the room, detaching her adornments and dress along the path before turning and striking a “come here” stance, nude in the shadows.

Ciara’s Jackie collection may have had the most reduced first-week deals make a big appearance when contrasted with her initial six collections, however this magnum opus will shoot the deals right away.


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