TNA Woman Senator denies having sex with Naija man in a car

TNA named Senator Joy Gwendo claims she know those behind her charged “relegation” from the gathering and reports that she was caught having sex with a Nigerian man in a car outside a diversion spot.
senator Joy Gwendo
Gwendo advised The Nairobian that preceding a nearby production running the story on the asserted sex adventure with a Naija, she had been cautioned by an individual from TNA that such a story was being cooked. “A kindred gathering part let me know this would happen, and even uncovered the culprits. At the same time, I took it softly in light of the fact that I thought no normal individual could fake such a story,” she told this essayist. As indicated by the representative, around the same time the allegation was made, she was stuck in activity until late in the night, and even posted on Facebook and Twitter depicting how she dumped her auto at Kengeles in Madaraka and trekked home with her spouse. Thomas Mbewa, Gwendo’s spouse, likewise affirmed to The Nairobian that they were as one at the time she was supposedly warming things up with an ‘Oga broda.’ Gwendo says she quit drinking a year prior (the story charged that she was extremely excited) and does not even know where the eatery she professedly met the Nigeria is found.

Censuring her troubles on governmental issues and scoundrels, she said the TNA Kisumu branch couldn’t indicate to remove her in light of the fact that she was an inhabitant of Nairobi County. She even delivered confirmation demonstrating that she is an individual from the Nairobi assignment headed by Senator Mike Sonko and that she was selected via Nairobi and not Kisumu. “I am an individual from TNA Nairobi, and I have reports to demonstrate it. I just changed my enlistment as a voter in Kisumu a month ago in light of the fact that it is my familial home, yet that has not yet been effected,” said Gwendo. The representative additionally told The Nairobian that a gathering of people involving a relative of a top gathering authority had drawn closer her in 2013 requesting Sh3 million, and that her misfortunes started with the blackmailers swearing that they would not rest until she is removed from the gathering and loses her seat in the Senate. Gwendo claims the individual being propped to assume control over her assignment space is the wife of the man behind her issues. She guaranteed that the woman being referred to, who is a named MCA in Nairobi, has been gloating to partners to ‘watch this space’ as she’s bound for greater things.

“These issues are not from the top authority of the gathering. Truth be told, there has been no grievance letter from the Senate administration, TNA national office or even the said province office. All the national organs are extremely content with my work, both for the gathering and in the House. Truth be told, I have gotten a considerable measure of awards for extraordinary accomplishments in the brief while. It’s only a little gathering of blackmailers, which is ordinary in governmental issues,” said Gwendo.

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