Westmoreland Mom Alleged Having Sex With Son’s Friend

Yough woman is alleged having sex with a 15-year-old boy at an underage drinking gathering at her home after a Yough High School football game and instructing him to keep their experience between them, as indicated by a criminal dissention.

Sherry LeeSherry Lee got the boy and two of his companions after the Cougars diversion at around 10 p.m. Sept. 19 and drove them to her home in the town of Wyano in South Huntingdon Township, state police said in the protest, which was recorded Thursday.

The teenage boy said he and his companions drank lager and vodka gave by the 45-year-old Lee, who he said was smoking pot and drinking liquor with the children at the gathering, as per the protestation.

“He is absolutely in the off-base. Should not have been drinking – in no way, shape or form. At the same time likewise, her being 45-years of age, she shouldn’t have had liquor there for the children,” the exploited person’s mom said. “I don’t think she ought to simply be slapped on the hand for this, and I don’t know what number of different children that she has done this to.”

After the boy nodded off in the lounge, Lee woke him up and requesting that he come upstairs to the room, where she took off her garments and his jeans and engaged in sexual relations with him, as indicated by the dissention.

“The victimized person expressed after it was over, he put his garments on. The litigant let him know ‘not to tell anybody.’ The victimized person left the room and went to rest in the space over the carport. The exploited person left the habitation later that morning to go to work,” the grievance said.

“The victimized person expressed in the past and on the night of the episode, the respondent would play with him. (The boy) exhorted she would call him “hot” and put her arms around his shoulders,” the grievance said.

“I was totally perturbed. I wasn’t annoyed with my child on the grounds that he is a teenager and as we said, they don’t settle on the most astute decisions. He was impaired. I was just more vexed that some individual who is in their 40s would do something to that effect with one of their child’s companions. It’s sickening,” the exploited person’s mom said.

An online docket demonstrates that Lee is anticipating a preparatory hearing on crime allegations of statutory sexual attack, defilement of minors and automatic go amiss sexual intercourse with an individual more youthful than 16, and in addition wrongdoing indictments of foul strike of an individual under 16 and outfitting alcohol to minors.

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