14-year-old girl forced to prostitution in TORONTO

Two guy and one teen girl face sex trafficking offenses after a underage girl was saving from a downtown hotel room.

Toronto Police charge the girl spent around a week limited to a room, compelled to perform sex represents money, until security officers at the inn close Bay and Dundas Sts. reacted to a clamor grumbling last Friday.

“In the room, they discovered a 14-year-old girl,” Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu said Tuesday.

She said examiners accept the adolescent was “obtained into the sex exchange.”

“She was welcome to a lodging by the (three charged), then compelled to give sexual administrations throughout the span of a week,” Sidhu asserted. “She was compelled to turn over all the cash to the (charged trio).”

It’s asserted the adolescent was restricted in the lodging room, her individual paraphernalia including her cellphone taken away, and the inn room telephone crippled.

Examiners additionally assert the three charged set ads for sexual administrations online and “made game plans with customers.”

“The 14-year-old girl dreaded for her security and was not ready to leave,” Sidhu said.

The Sex Crimes Human Trafficking Enforcement Team captured two men and a woman on Friday.

Sage Finestone, 21, and Nicholas Faria, 19, both of Toronto, and Natasha Robataille, 18, of no settled location, are accused of persuasive restriction, trafficking in persons by selecting, trafficking of a man less than 18 years old years activity control, material advantage coming about because of trafficking in persons, monetary/material advantage trafficking individual under 18, material advantage from sexual administrations, material advantage from sexual administrations gave by a man under 18, obtaining/practicing control, securing/volunteer individual under 18 years, and promoting someone else’s sexual administrations.

“The 14-year-old girl has been returned home to her family and is presently sheltered,” Sidhu said.

Police have discharged photographs of the denounced trio in light of the fact that they are worried about the likelihood of different victimized people.

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