Watchman have Sex with another man’s wife at night

A 54-year-old Watchman from Kianjege town in Kirinyaga County met his awkward demise on Tuesday night after he was attached to a tree and his head pulverized to pieces after he was discovered licking another person’s nectar jug.

Watchman-have-Sex-with-another-man-wife-at-night-01As per police, Josephat Wanjohi, sneaked into an alternate man’s home to have sex with his wife quickly he cleared out for work. Lamentably, it was a situated up on the grounds that the man imagined that he was going to work and after a couple of minutes returned home surprisingly just to discover the two getting a charge out of the illegal apples and oranges.

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The irritated spouse jumped on Wanjohi and hit him with a club and he tumbled down oblivious. The tumult pulled in other close neighbors who held turns in training the home breaker.

They fixing him to a mango tree while naked and smashed his skull with a colossal stone.

Police touched base at the scene and moved his body to the funeral home.