Pippa Middleton Compare with Kim Kardashian Butt

Pippa Middleton, the diaper was the buzz at the wedding of Kate and William, did not hesitate to comment on famous pictures of Kim Kardashian nude for Paper Magazine … The British assured, reality TV star has it all wrong.
Not ready buttock-being cleaned together!

Pippa Middleton Compare with Kim Kardashian Butt
Pippa Middleton: she tackles Kim Kardashian, a history of Ass

The reactions are chained. All that was missing it. Moreover, on the buttocks, Pippa knows it. The wedding of Kate and William, his had the buzz and obsessed greatest commentators … So it is expert in the hindquarters that panics the canvas, she decided to speak on about pictures of Kim Kardashian for Paper Magazine.

“No year is complete without its history buttocks” she wrote first on the blog “The Spectator.” Before continuing: “The price returns this time with Kim Kardashian, her ass had exploded all over the Internet last month.” What a wonderful reward!

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge does not hesitate to compare her curves to those of the star of reality TV: “I have to say mine, although he had a fleeting glory, is not comparable.” It was confirmed!

Pippa Middleton says he was annoyed by seeing the pictures of Kim and then lets out a yell while Tackles wife Kanye West: “What’s going on with the culture of the buttocks in the United States (..? .) Kim’s goal was to break the Internet, but I’m not sure whether in the right direction. “

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