Cara and movie dreams, here nude for Mario Testino In addition to shine on the catwalk, models, ultra connected, prove that they have more than one string to their bow. In the era of social networks, those that also nick named the Insta girls are stylists, actresses, singers, personal coach or even militant. They provide over the tops of the 90s and prove that they are mostly true businesswomen.
The new challenges of the catwalk star At 22, Cara Delevingne was named Model of the Year by the British Fashion Awards and in record time, the one who walks in the footsteps of Kate Moss , has emerged in the world of fashion. It is undoubtedly the most prominent face of the moment. Regard pest unavoidable thick eyebrows, and crazy style, Cara lends both his image of luxury brands such as Chanel, Burberry, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Fendi, La Perla, as lending more urban wear brands such as Top shop, Pepe Jeans, DKNY, Zara. That the estimated salary of $ 3.5 million, according to Forbes magazine, is about to expand his resume.

Cara and movie dreams She wants to prove she’s not just a pretty face; Then she made ​​faces his signature, but seriously, it will be showing five feature films. She plays in the thriller “The Face of an Angel”, alongside Kate Beckinsale, is the casting of “London Fields” with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp , Viola performer whose daily lives are punctuated by evenings and taking drugs of all kinds in the film “Kids in Love” co-stars Hugh Jackman and Amanda Siegfried in the film “Pan” new adaptation of the fantasy tale of Peter Pan and won the lead role in the romantic film “Paper Towns” , outings planned for 2015. Finally, Cara has joined the cast of “Suicide Squad” where she will play the character of Enchantress. Theatrical release in 2015.

Cara is however not his first attempt. She had taken the game of comedy in “Reincarnation” short film directed by Karl Lagerfeld around the parade of Chanel crafts and “The Return” short film also directed by the Kaiser, Karl.Cara and music Side music, it never misses an opportunity to prove his talents.

For Chanel, she interprets the theme “CC the world” in a duet with Pharrell Williams. Similarly, for the video game “Grand Theft Auto V ‘, the top Model unveiled his talents as a DJ and had taken the game to animate virtual radio” Non-stop Pop FM 100.7 “. Stay tuned.Cara Delevingne stylist This year, Cara has signed its second collection for Mulberry leather for whom she designed the model Cara and just released a capsule collection pourDKNY, she is also the muse. Cara is indeed a trend instigator.Cara, a top commitment This little human tornado is also activist for causes close to his heart and kisses with ease the role of spokesman.

She joined the movement Anja Rubik “Free the Nipple” fighting against abusive censorship and claims the right to reveal the female body on social networks without having to demonize. It is committed to the fight against sickle cell disease “Cell for Gratitude,” poses nude for the campaign against skin cancer Protect The Skin You’re In and enjoys its status as muse to give voice to those who are not heard as Self Evident Truth Project which supports the coming-out gay or New Hope Animal Rescue group that campaigns against animal abuse.

It also supports the fight against AIDS and manifests against global warming. The new twig to the Minister of agenda shows that it can make in all its projects.Cara life coach Via social networks, which made a fixate the bacon gives us his moods, his personal development tips, everything goes. It floods the canvas photos and preaches his lifestyle. Its leitmotiv, do not worry of what people will say and above all be happy. Cara is far from having said its last word!