Transgender Sahhara Busted By His Schoolmates At Benue State University

Mimi got this compose up from somebody who guarantees that he knows Nigeria’s mainstream transgender Miss Sahhara from route back when she went to Benue state University regardless was a man! The fellow who sent in the substance passes by the name Jude Ochene, and he is spilling the tea on what he thinks about our wonderful Miss Sahhara…

Transgender sahhara Busted By His Schoolmates At Benue State University 1

Oche Clifford Not A Hermaprodite. We pulled down his trouser at Benue State University to affirm on the off chance that he had a female organ however he doesn’t Oche Clifford’s white gay beau got him a visa to the UK. Oche Clifford Use To Have Mental Problem.

Here is an article composed by Oche Clifford’s previous schoolmate in Benue state University:

Oche Clifford is not a bisexual. I know Clifford Oche route back in Benue State University. I was in Linguistic office and existed off grounds in the same compound with him. I know of his mystery homosexual exercises & the various visits from his partners including a white male darling who he typically corresponded with on a dating site and even got together with at an inn twice before he in the long run secured his visa to go out of the nation without finishing his Mass correspondence course.

I was even among the main heterosexual gentlemen who seen his manh***d! The gay f*** used to stay in the young men lodging yet was constantly enamored with covering up to scrub down before or after we gentlemen take our own. off and on again the I’d not would watch us clean up and leave before he get to take his. At that point I used to stay on grounds in my second year so a few us fellows got together to straighten something up on the grounds that the gay gossipy tidbits long coursing and a few of us that were starting to suspect he may have a female organ captured Clifford on his path into the restroom, detached his towel and to our stun saw a tremendous raised banana.

God realizes what he had on his brain. He squealed and briskly got his towel once more before hurrying again to his room. So I can unhesitatingly affirm to all of you that that gay couple is not a bisexual as you’ve been misguided by your oblivious companions. Clifford Oche moved out of the young men lodging 2 weeks after the fact and 3 months after, I moved to a self hold off grounds just to find Clifford was one of my neighbors and that was the point at which my suspicion was affirmed.

He had one specific more established man who typically sneak into his area late around evening time and left ahead of schedule before whatever remains of the compound woke. I stood up to him alongside a percentage of the neighbors yet he normally deny it however I have seen the suspicious sneaking around and gay exercises/parties. I even practically strangely him one day when he endeavored some shrouded gay green light towards me.

He never set out attempt that entertaining trick with me since that day, bravo else I was ready to see off his fucking dick. That gentleman is gay and bent better know it today! I wager the idiot perhaps became weary of his torn rear-end and decided on the operation cos he has dependably had stack of tissues in his rooms and was said to utilize them to conceal his asshole. That clarifies the stack of modest body showers and that appalling smell around him.

What a disfavor to his crew! Smuff! The genuine Clifford Oche is a level ass*d thin, level chested, dry looking *** of a malodorous chicken whose tongue is as sharp as razor. What you get to see in print is fake! All that miss sahara bullish*t is from the pit of damnation cos he used to act had as well and had a slight mental issue. You folks on his side remain unaware of the true Clifford R Oche we know.