12 celebrity siblings you won’t believe are related: Nude models, tattooed rockers and Scientology

Rocker Trace Cyrus is the adopted son of Billy Ray Cyrus – and half-brother of Miley. He was the backing vocalist and lead guitarist of band Metro Station.

12 celebrity siblings you won't believe are related: Nude models, tattooed rockers and Scientology 1

Kate Middleton’s burlesque dancing cousin Katrina Darling quit her job as a banker to focus on her saucy career. The pair are second cousins, once removed.

Dancer and model Monica Cruz is the younger sister of Penelope. It would be fair to say they’ve got pretty good genes and, er, even better lingerie.

Tom Cruise’s older sister Lee Anne became his publicist in 2004 before stepping down a year later. She’s a fellow Scientologist.

Brad Pitt’s younger brother Doug, who runs a family computer business in Springfield, became an overnight viral sensation after fronting an Australian advert for Virgin Mobile.

Fifi Trixibelle (yes, actually) is the lesser-known sisters (Pixie, pictured) of the Geldof-clan. She has worked in entertainment and events PR, and was arrested for being “drunk and disorderly” in 2002.

Heavily tattooed Mia is the paternal half-sister of iconic actress Liv Tyler. The daughter of Steven Tyler is a public speaker and advocate, but primarily a plus size fashion model and designer.

The unusual Osbourne, Aimee snubbed appearing on the mad family’s reality show. Her nickname is Saffy, she’s trying to make it out as a singer and rarely steps out into the limelight, unlike her sister Kelly.

Privately educated Harry, brother of James Bond star Daniel Craig – has appeared in a string of racy publications featuring fetish images and non-mainstream models. His rate goes up to £25 for nude shoots and £30 for arty and fetish work.

Shannon and Jared Leto aren’t only brothers, they’re both part of the rock bad Thirty Seconds to Mars. However the occasional actor doesn’t quite compared with his Oscar-winning younger sibling in the fame stakes.

Don is the younger brother of late actor Patrick Swayze. The avid skydiver starred as a wolf in six episodes of True Blood, he also appeared in Murder She Wrote.

Actress and movie producer Katherine Heigl is pictured with her adopted sister Meg. Katherine went on to adopt her daughter Naleigh from Korea.

These people might look like somebody you know – but they aren’t who you think they are.

They are the lesser-known siblings of some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

Some are successful in the peripherals of stardom working in the showbiz industry alongside their superstar relative.

While others have chosen a totally different career path all together by becoming burlesque dancers, and, er, computer business managers.

Did you know that James Bond star Daniel Craig’s skint younger brother has appeared in a string of racy publications featuring fetish images and non-­mainstream models?

Click the gallery above and see the Osbourne daughter who snubbed fame and their infamous reality TV show, as well as Brad Pitt’s brother who went viral after appearing in an Australian telly commercial.