Prostitutes Dance Naked To Pay Tribute To Their Colleague In Nyeri (video)

naked-danceThere used to be drama at a prostitute’s funeral in Nyeri over the weekend after her colleagues decided to dance naked to pay their last admire.

The staff of 10 industrial sex workers had attended the ceremony to pay their tribute after they brought about the free drama.

Mourners mentioned that the pastor had performed the mass and so they headed to the grave to bury the mummy of one when the 10 twilight ladies started stripping. one at a time they undressed as they danced to gospel tunes claiming to be wonderful their colleague for the remaining time.

They argued that they have been paying tribute to their buddy because that’s the life she lived while alive. The incident greatly surprised mourners who hurriedly buried her and left the location leaving the prostitutes to do their thing.

video after cut: