How Lesbian Prostitution Booms In Lagos (photos)

How Lesbian Prostitution Booms In Lagos

How Lesbian Prostitution Booms In LagosLagos with its cosmopolitan nature can perfect be described as ” The Saddom and Gomorah” of Nigeria, everything and the rest is that you can imagine in Lagos. this text via PM information is an eye fixed opener and a should read for our younger girls, we should retailer our era from total annihilation. Homosexuality and lesbianism is a crime towards humanity.
beautiful girls, rich women, cash, pricey automobiles, strip clubs, luxurious accommodations —the key intercourse alternate, exclusive simplest to ladies, is now big trade in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, has published, after excessive undercover analysis.
Like in a secret cult, handiest the initiated be aware its cryptic language, esoteric methods, sexual advantages and monetary rewards.

For those involved within the ordinary alternate, it was once found out all over investigation in Lagos Mainland and Island, lesbianism is just not new.

Most sex employees with secondary college education agreed that their involvement within the salacious act dates back to their boarding college days after they had been initiated with the aid of older women.


back then, it was simply informal intercourse via girls of their puberty. as of late, lesbianism has develop into a trade, a tremendous however hidden industry in the Lagos town. Dozens of prostitutes informally interviewed throughout this investigation gave a uncommon perception into the frequently airtight world of lesbianism in Lagos and the trade now related to it. The youngest lesbian prostitute met for this article was once sixteen years old. Most of them had been of their early 20s.

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Many become involved through seduction. Some are influenced or initiated through chums who are already within the sex trade and have contacts and connections in high places , the place girls are prepared to switch money for pleasure. “I used to be introduced to lesbianism when I was in secondary college.

I was once in a boarding faculty in Benin, EDO STATE” says one of the lesbian prostitution who introduced P.M.information staff into the abnormal world of lesbian prostitution in Nigeria’s most populous city. Now a scholar at the university of Ado Ekiti, the Edo State indigene, shuttles between campus and clubs, lodge rooms or graceful houses in Lagos most weekends to have intercourse with wealthy girls. “I need to be in Lagos on weekends because that’s where the trade will pay neatly.

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occasionally, I trip to Port Harcourt, but most instances, I come Lagos. “I already be aware of the way it works right here in Lagos. I’ve numerous contacts in the strip clubs and i’ve rather a lot women who are into the business and so they refer women to me. however it’s better to fulfill the woman yourself as a result of if she is rich, the other lady will not refer you to her, she will take her herself,” she says.

all over an day out in Lagos 4 weeks in the past, she remembered with nostalgia, how a wealthy man as soon as approached her for his shy spouse and paid her large cash. “She was once shy, she instructed me. She wished a woman that evening but she may now not come to the strip club and her husband picked me for her. “The husband left us in the room upstairs. He was having some drinks downstairs and looking at tv.

He later got here when we have been almost finished and gave her a percent. He asked her if I was once just right. She didn’t solution. She simply gave him a percent and smiled,” she mentioned. She admitted that sometimes, she services and products men, however introduced, “It’s better to do it with a woman. She knows find out how to make you come and she cannot transmit illnesses to you.”

There are also dangers, she admitted. She remembered how she was approached by using “one wealthy girl with a British accent. “I agreed to follow her. on the other hand, once we acquired residence, there were two different ladies waiting for me. She didn’t inform me i might be having intercourse with three women. but I had no option. I was once already there and that i did it.

I just renegotiated the amount,” she stated. This new pattern of prostitution is quick spreading among teenagers, however is not constrained to them. The excessive and mighty within the society are concerned. other much less fortunate in lifestyles are also involved in their level. Tribe or religion is no barrier. P.M.information was offered to a couple lesbian prostitutes who claimed to be Muslims and others mentioned they’re Christians.

there were additionally others, who most likely, as a result of the impact of alcohol, did not recognize which faith they practice. in contrast to the abnormal sex change between men and women, those involved within the alternate mentioned they don’t stand via the roadside to satisfy patrons.

Buyers and intercourse employees regularly meet in one of the crucial strip golf equipment in Lagos, alternate contacts or go away straightaway for his or her escapades.

Wealthy women are concerned primarily for pleasure while the workers are in it for money. “It’s about connection. One individual introduces “one particular person to another and it goes spherical. they are able to determine themselves through compliments like;oh! i like your legs. you’ve sweet b00bs. You appear gorgeous,’” every other lesbian prostitute told P.M.information in a strip club all the way through the investigation. She introduced: “they also wink and seem to be seductively at you.

In the event that they get a excellent response from you, then they comprehend they are with the appropriate particular person.” She says some possess a high level of braveness. “they can walk up to any woman they to find horny as long as the surroundings is protected for them.” other prostitutes argued that society ladies in Lagos who are concerned in the alternate are very caring.

“Particularly if they in finding you attention-grabbing, in the feel that if you’ll be able to make them reach orgasm. they are going to give you a distinct therapy equivalent to take you for shopping and preserve you as accomplice even after sex. they may be able to then buy you a automobile or appoint you an rental,” one of the most sex employees stated, echoing what was once heard from others in their trade.

The cost for services and products rendered depends upon quality provider supplied by using the prostitute. “it can be sucking their personal phase or the ability to creatively use your fingers to delight them,” a intercourse employee said. The superb use of vibrators and a excellent therapeutic massage can put one employee at an advantage position. the costs begin from N15000 a night and can reach N100,000 in some circumstances.

The quantity dwarfs by means of far what is paid by way of men, which begins from N1000 or N2000 depending on the area. The ghettos are not any exception to the trade however the associated fee is slightly poor, it was once found out. It varies between N2000 and N5000. One sex employee explained that although the trade is in keeping with connections and suggestions, there are special locations where it is simple to get hooked with lesbians. magnificence salon, highly-priced inns, swimming pools and expensive purchasing malls had been mentioned. Married girls are also concerned.

They woo girls wanting cash, together with their chums’ daughters. Married ladies in the alternate declare that their husbands are either now not excellent enough in bed or too busy to take care of their sexual desires. “They tell me their husbands don’t satisfy them or are too busy and they may be able to’t cheat with another man without being suspected,” a employee instructed P.M.information.

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“The good thing about it’s that men can not suspect them. Any girl can hang out with them and males will not be ,” a sex employee stated. Some ladies, the prostitute defined, invite two girls to satisfy them. the root of this new dimension of prostitution will also be traced to “only-girls” boarding faculties. younger harmless girls in such colleges are lured into the act with the aid of older women, most time via bullying. all through this investigation, our correspondents interviewed dozens of sex employees primarily at strip golf equipment and attended a get collectively by using lesbians and bisexuals.