Susan Peters Claims She Is Not A Lesbian

Nollywood Actress Susan Peters will not be happy in regards to the rumors circulating community that she is really a lesbian. The celebrity who sensed the necessity to debunk this unflattering tale mentioned, ‘’I am not much of a lesbian. We have by no means practiced lesbianism. People who know me realize that Susan Peters will not be a lesbian. The supposition was because of my assertive structure possibly. I am masculine since I used to get involved in games a great deal just before. Went, played golf having said that i discontinued eventually since I was developing muscles, “I played hockey. I will develop those muscle tissues having said that i am not homosexual generally if i go back into gym now. People should end tagging me as homosexual. I adore one other gender, I never like homosexual. I actually have female buddies having said that I have more of men buddies. I have got a partner mind you, not boyfriends.”

actress Susan Peters

Anyone who is aware me is aware I like devices. That may be how poor it is actually, i even get gadgets well before they come out. I get online due to the fact I want to be the first to purchase it. It’s exactly like when they explained I found myself a lesbian, I am not. The truth that I sometimes dress boyish does not necessarily mean I am just a lesbian. People who know me recognize that I have a soul mate.

Actress Susan Peters blast on media for rumor of lesbian.

But what actually transpired was that somebody noticed me and explained “oh, you are one of the primary Nollywood actresses to obtain a Porsche”. He just wished to use it for his tale then again she twisted it and made it possible for her followers to set vicious remarks.

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Many of the good things perform, folks never truly place it on the market within the press. I have been carrying out charitable trust just before I joined Nollywood but it is not out there, i truly do charity. Just before I joined Nollywood so somebody who doesn’t know me from no place could not just sit down there and think I am similar to this simply because I joined Nollywood, i manufactured my hundreds of thousands even!

But she tendered an apology for you on Twitter… She managed that since her sisters arrived at my Twitter site to insult me. That does that?

I needed to share with these to remain away, to back away. After which she created an apology privately. Why would she accomplish that? If she understood the thing they did was incorrect, she must have tendered it publicly. People do that. She then produced one more blog post about the folks and apology who had previously been looking for ways to insult me just trooped there.

A lot more Nigerian celebs who obtain pricey information now submit it on social networking. Do you think this can be a showcase?

I’m not a lesbian – actress Susan Peters

It is not displaying, this is why it’s named show company. Demonstrate business is indirectly saying showing off but that may be not what I consider it. You should be capable of being available and that is certainly the reality should you be within it. In Hollywood, they purchase stuff plus they put it available so just why is our personal various? A year ago, I got two new residences. Why didn’t they put that about the blogs? I got honors and nominations. Why did not they post that? I actually have constructed my company for this stage so another person are unable to just come from not anywhere and only poke it like some balloon. I am manufactured from metal, they should recognize that.

Perhaps you have satisfied Linda Ikeji consequently? I haven’t. I don’t know how she appearance besides somebody details her out to me. I never visit weblogs. It is only when somebody sends me a weblink of something that was posted about me that we go through the connect to go through it. I do not even read the information, I am that terrible. It’s only if I notice folks discussing some thing i go and yahoo it.

You have been also certainly upset when on Tweets again, you responded to an allegation that you just produced a discuss her blog… Sooner or later, a person visited her weblog utilizing my label to make a opinion plus a close friend of mine shared with and called me regarding this. Why would I truly do that?

I have got three Facebook profiles along with a fan page, two Youtube balances, Keek, I have, Path and Instagram not managed to take care of these. Why would I go to any blog to go and publish stuff? Like, that does that? People would likely say “oh, she is the one” and after that go to my Youtube webpage to insult me. It’s improper. Individuals ought to figure out how to enjoy individuals.