8 Things Girls Desperately Want From Men

Anyone once stated ‘To generalize on girls is bad. To specialize on them is infinitely worse’.

Well, what women want still is still the unanswered question throughout the globe. Alternatively, males needn’t lose hope for all is not lost. There are still a good selection of things that most women like.

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Listed here are just a few from the long list which is able to possibly allow you to make her fall head over heels in love with you. Take your decide to woo and sweep her off her ft!


Ladies like to be secure. So express in more ways than one to prove that you will be her saviour should your damsel land in distress! ladies are all the time in awe of guys who can step up in occasions of conflicts. you’ll want to grab every chance that state of affairs throws at you.

Scent good

Deodorant ads could also be going overboard displaying males being lured by means of women’s fragrance. but the wrong way is also proper. select a deo that suits you. especially if it’s your first date, it can be very best no longer to take a look at anything experimental. recognize what smells easiest on you. needless to say, what smelt heavenly in your good friend may stink for your pores and skin! For the whole thing relies on your body odour. whilst you spray perfume on your physique, what you scent is a mixture of the deo spray and your physique odour. make a selection wise.

Surprises galore

Girls love surprises be it chocolates, love notes, items or even a bouquet of flowers. ladies do not mind them in any numbers. you are sure to attain brownie factors with this one!


Honesty remains to be one of the best policy. never lie to her in case you are pondering of a lengthy-term relationship. by no means mind you’ll face some initial flak, but sooner or later you’re going to win over her belief.

Good body

What with the celebrities being obsessive about getting a six p.c. or eight percent abs, ladies too go ga ga over males with a smartly-toned body. Get into the addiction of normal exercise so that you may make heads turn!

Gown smartly

Nothing turns off a women than a poorly-dressed man. Do a mode-check, spot the developments in fashion, talk to a stylist to search out out what seems to be best possible on you. garments maketh man literally!

Crowning glory

Nothing like a cool haircut! A excellent hairstyle can provide you with a different seem to be altogether. What are you ready for? Get that stunner seem to be so that you would be able to impress that chick you could have been eyeing.

Magic of your fingers

You’ll have taken your female friend to the hottest eating places on the town, but she is not going to mind if which you could prepare dinner one in every of her favorite dishes (or even simple immediate noodles) when she’s hungry. Such moments are by no means forgotten.

There is a funny story doing the rounds that ‘a woman’s mind is cleaner than a person’s that’s because she changes it more continuously’. on the other hand, there are some issues that stay constant.