regular women Getting naked

regular women Getting naked

regular women Getting naked 1

SIX out of ten girls in the UK are repulsed by using the sight of their very own bare bodies – but no longer THESE six.

They dared to reveal – and be judged on their look – and talked overtly about their our bodies.

We then acquired four judges – famous person doctor Hilary Jones, of on-line health facility health specific; Martin Daubney, ex-editor of guys’s mag Loaded; psychologist Kate Nightingale; and Wheatley and Sons Ltd builder Luke Midwinter – to cast a crucial eye over our brave lasses.

The panel informed DIANA APPLEYARD and CHRISTINA EARLE their verdicts.

So for all those fretting about flabby stomachs – and the four in ten who really feel too embarrassed even for their very own partner to see them within the buff – learn on for an insight into what blokes in reality think.


Stewart Williams

occasions employee Gurj London, 26, lives in Middlesex and is single. She’s 5ft 6in, a costume dimension 14, bra 34HH. She says:

“MY breasts tend to impress a combined reaction in men. Some males say, ‘Wow!’ Others can in finding them intimidating as a result of they are so massive.

“I actually have a few wobbly bits but I’ve discovered to accept my curves and really feel chuffed about them – anyway males prefer curvy women.

“I’d wish to tone up my tummy and thighs but i love food so much. I’m a vegetarian, love spicy curries and have a sweet enamel.

“i try to go to the health club two or 3 times a week but I’ve realised that is my construct.

“I are attempting not to be self-aware of my measurement and dress to support my determine as an alternative of seeking to hide it. I get a lot of compliments.”

Dr Hilary says: Gurj’s larger bust makes her waist seem to be slimmer.

She has feminine curves and a fantastic, chuffed face which says she is pleased with her sexy body and likes to indicate it off.

Martin: you have to get lost in these boobs, and lots of males want to – ideally for days.

If she lost weight, she’d lose it from the entire unsuitable locations. If it ain’t broke, why restore it?

Kate: Gurj has particularly beautiful round hips which we know are a sign of fertility and thought to be very sexy.

Luke: i believe she may lose some weight but she additionally appears very confident inside her personal skin – which is attractive to a person.

We don’t like ladies who constantly moan in regards to the dimension of their thighs or bum because, in all honesty, we don’t care that much.

personal coach Joanna Chamberlain, fifty three, lives with husband Patrick, 55, a trade analyst, in Caterham, Surrey. they’ve kids Oliver, 28, and Laura, 26. Joanna is 5ft 8in, a gown dimension: 8/10, bra 34C. She says:

“5 years ago I lost plenty of weight – I had weighed just about 15st – and for the reason that then i have transform some distance more assured about my bare physique.

“but I still have floppy skin on my abdomen and i’d love to alter that. I’ve been overweight just about all my life so i’ve all the time been very self-acutely aware of my bare body. I misplaced weight to get married but then piled on the pounds when I had kids.

“five years in the past I lower out rubbish from my weight loss program and started to exercise. I got so into train that I took a private coaching course. i used to be an estate agent, so my new shape has given me a new profession too.

“I now assume I appear beautiful excellent for my age, except for my tummy.”

Dr Hilary says: Jo appears to me as if she has had kids and breast-fed. Her abdomen and breasts convey this however she additionally looks as if she takes very good care of herself and workout routines.

Martin: She should have been gorgeous when she was younger as a result of she nonetheless is now. She has a body that wears its experience with pride.

Kate: great body usually. you’ll find that she keeps energetic. She is an attractive example of how stunning older ladies if truth be told are.

Luke: This woman may be very attractive for her age. She’s too old for me, with out being rude, but i can see that she looks after herself and is in great shape for somebody over 50.


occasions organiser Claudia Kirlew, forty two, lives in Enfield, north London. She’s 5ft 2in, a dress dimension 16, bra 34HH. She says:

“the very first thing individuals notice about me is my chest. It’s no shock, in reality, as I do have in point of fact large boobs.

“i am assured with my look however that’s come with age. I was a lot larger in my 20s. but I’ve made a couple of way of life and eating regimen alternatives that have made me healthier.

“My dietary pitfalls are carbs, despite the fact that I do limit myself to carbs in just two foods a day and rarely snack.

“i am blessed with good skin and have never suffered with spots or dryness. the one factor I’d alternate about myself is my stomach. It’s too meaty and spills over the top of my denims. ”

Dr Hilary says: She has exceptional bone construction in her face and her smile says, ‘i’m pleased with my body’. there’s no doubt she is overweight however it’s well distributed around her body. i’d not be worried about her health.

Martin: A assured larger woman is always extra horny than a timid twiglet. Claudia ratings extremely here because she seems a right chortle. you understand it’s worthwhile to have enjoyable along with her.

Kate: amazing, full, wealthy body. beautiful, giant breasts, shapely bottom and great legs. She has a lovely face and wholesome skin and hair.

Luke: this may increasingly surprise some people however, out of all of the ladies, that is the girl for me. She has the loveliest smile – very cheeky and inviting.

She does most certainly want to shed pounds on her stomach and thighs however that doesn’t flip me off at all.


SINGLE mum Susan Sangster, 32, from Bedfordshire, has sons Luke, eleven, and three-yr-outdated Jake-Duke. She’s 5ft 8in, dimension 8, and bra 34C. She says:

“I do deal with my physique and i run in at least six races a year, of 5k and 10k.

“On the entire i admire my body, however after giving beginning to my 2d son i have stretch marks on my hips, which I hate, and i’d like my chest to extend to a 34D.

“I’d additionally like my bum to be a little smaller.

“I’m relatively insecure about showing my body to a man as a result of i am very acutely aware of the passage of time.

taking a look at my physique objectively, i’d say I seem to be pretty excellent for my age and for any person who’s had two kids.”

Dr Hilary says: She has little fat and a very slim torso without a baggy pores and skin. She looks as if she exercises loads. She has superb muscle definition, just right curves and looks very feminine.

Martin: With that determined look, Susan challenges you to claim no to her. Then the eyes strikes right down to her pretty sturdy, athletic neck and collarbone, then her pert boobs, and we’re already pondering unholy thoughts.

Kate: actually nice body, very shiny and wholesome-looking skin. A push-up bra can be good, and garments accentuating her bottom as it’s in reality neatly formed.

Luke: She naturally takes care of herself and looks very match and wholesome. She has a nice smile, though, and wonderful, twinkling eyes.


DANCER Charlotte Hammond, 27, runs a dance troupe and is a single mum to Milo, three. They live in Windsor, Berks. She is 5ft 11in, a costume size eight/10, bra 34C. She says:“rising up, I had all varieties of cling-americaabout my physique, primarily my breasts – I just didn’t have any, and as a teenager it used to be a nightmare.“i was a 34AA, and when I was once 22 I had a boob job. I’d like to be much more curvy, possibly a 34D.

“folks say that i’m “model slim” but i believe i am too tall and thin. My breast operation value less than £4,000 and, having a look again now, i believe I was once too young and rushed into it.

“i’m a type of fortunate people who can consume what she needs and by no means put on weight and whereas i think somewhat insecure about my body, men appear to like my determine. If I might alternate anything, I’d make myself extra curvy, without being fat.”

Dr Hilary says: Charlotte is slim however now not too slim. there is no muscle wastage here and she eats healthily. Her muscle tone is excellent.

Martin: Toned, slim as a willow, boasting ravishing elfin options and porcelain pores and skin, Charlotte looks like a goddess from a fairytale.

there is something timelessly mesmerising about her jet black hair and icy blue eyes.

Kate: Her skin is wholesome. Her hips will not be that enormous so a little bit of peplum could assist.

She has lovely, slim legs so could convey them off through carrying skirts and attire.

Luke: Charlotte has an extraordinarily slim, nice physique. She looks as if a supermodel. but for me she is too light and thin. I do love her stomach ring.


student Shareena Akoto, 22, from Wembley, north London, is on a stage-acting and media level and works section-time in retail. She’s 5ft 8in, a costume size 12/14, bra 36C. She says:

“i am slightly confident in my very own skin. I’m blessed to have perky boobs, a glowing complexion and female bottom.I’d love to be able to put on jeans without being concerned about my muffin high, or brief skirts without opaque tights.

“thankfully, dancing varieties a large part of my level and helps keep me in shape.

“i have a 4-centimetre start mark on my tummy. I used to be all the time self-aware of it but I’ve discovered to just accept it’s a part of me.

“even supposing I don’t consume a number of junk, I generally tend to skip foods or consume late.”

Dr Hilary says: Her well being shines in her beautiful, glossy hair and she has no lines any place on her pores and skin. Her body is on the better side but in percentage. i might imagine she has no well being issues and this shows in her skin.

Martin: If I died and went to heaven, ladies like Shareena would be serving cocktails at the seaside bar. She exudes self belief and her arched eyebrows scream fun.

The white on her tummy gives individuality and is one thing I’d use if chatting her up.

Kate: amazing physique, with full breasts, round hips and just a few extra inches on the stomach which can also be easily masked.

Luke: She has a sexy face but her breasts don’t healthy her physique. Her tummy is rounded and she or he has great thighs, which might be horny, but she doesn’t have Claudia’s cheeky seem.

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